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Looking to learn more about racehorse ownership and how you can get involved? Take our short quiz and become an Owner In Training to find out which type of ownership suits you best.

You’ll also gain access to exclusive events, giveaways and educational material.

Owning a racehorse offers high emotion and high excitement. The racing game is no longer the preserve of the elite, a pastime associated with royalty and captains of the industry – especially not in Australia.

Whatever your budget and whatever your appetite for risk, racing a horse is within your reach. Getting involved, for a little or a lot, has never been easier and never more rewarding.

About racing connections

Racing Connections was set up to provide people interested in racehorse ownership with all the information they need to understand what’s involved and work out the type of ownership (if any) they might be best suited to.

Racing Connections is a brand belonging to Aushorse, the thoroughbred breeding industry’s marketing arm. We do not syndicate horses, nor do we sell shares in racehorses or organise racing partnerships or leases.

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